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Florida Country Music Band Whiskey Basin
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Whiskey Basin, Daytona's Number One Country Band
Florida Country Music Band Whiskey Basin

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Join Dustin Seymour of Whiskey Basin at The Barn in Sanford as he performs in honor of the passing of our friend Shorty. Poker Run is from 11-3PM Sunday, January 9th. Dustin performs from 1130-1.
Florida Country Music Band Whiskey Basin
The members of Whiskey Basin play in several performing groups now. Use the following contact information to book us at your events.
Smartphone users may click on the numbers below to call immediately.

Dustin Seymour, Lead Singer (and Mike Braddock, Jr.):
Booking: 386-717-4534

Mike Hill, Lead Guitarist:
Booking: 407-234-5437

April Phillips (feat. Mike Hill):
Booking: 407.873.5555

Note: All shows are booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

Don't Miss Whiskey Basin at The Barn In Sanford for our NEW YEARS EVE FINALE!!! Last chance to see Whiskey Basin in 2010!!!

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